As much as we would like to stay with our pets all day, often we have to prioritise other responsibilities and commitments like work or errands. But many pets will strategically wait until we’re nearly out the door to make us feel as guilty as possible for leaving them.

Some sit at the window and stare forlornly, while others have more proactive strategies. This adorable Shiba inu puppy called Yui has come up with the perfect scheme to make her owner stick around a bit longer.

She noticed that just before going outside, her owner put socks on, then shoes. She put two and two together and realised that no socks means no leaving the house! According to the owner, her new habit is trying to pull off socks to prevent people from leaving!

Source: @shibainu_yui

Even though she’s locked in a cage, that can’t stop a determined dog like Yui. As the photo shows, she’s stretching her legs out to try and grab the offending socks and secure a playmate for the rest of the day.

Yui is only a few months old as she was born in January of this year, but she’s already coming up with clever plots like this. Who knows how smart she will be as an adult dog. Check out the owner’s Twitter page to keep up with her progress!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.