Normally it wouldn't be a giant surprise for accomplished animation director Yoshitomo Yonetani (@yonetanikantoku) to impress with his artwork, as hits like King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Shokugeki-no Soma, and Crayon Shin-chan are just some of the anime works he's overseen.

A recent post he made to Twitter is reminding fans just how early in life the creative efforts of a budding artist begins, however. Yonetani took to Twitter to share a manga that he drew at the age of 12, having discovered it among his belongings.

Take a look at the simple but awesome Godzilla fan manga he created at such a young age!

"I've unearthed a manga I drew when I was around 12 years old lol"

The tattered manga almost looks like an unearthed tome, but it impressively depicts a raging battle between kaiju in Tokyo. Yonetani shows off his young imagination and artist skill with a manga titled "Godzilla Series 1: King of the Monsters Godzilla" that features Mechagodzila rampaging through the city as Godzilla clashes with nemesis King Ghidorah. The panels and dynamic perspective on the action definitely show the potential of someone cut out for the animation scene!

Many were wowed by the quality of the early manga, particularly the signs of directive talent he showed, and left impressed comments:

"He was already considering reader perspective and scale at 12?!"

"Already writing with directorial cuts like this at 12 is amazing!"

"...At the age of 12, he was already so good at he a genius?"

"Even from this age, his talent is outstanding!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.