Usually it's exclusive menu items such as sakura mochi pies and Ultraman burgers that remind us McDonald's in Japan can be different than what we're used to. This time a certain morning "customer" is letting people know that McDonald's in Hokkaido in particular sometimes stand out.

Twitter user @Asuka_Shiromaru shared a photo of the McDonald's store located Wakkanai City, Hokkaido, which is known as the northernmost McDonald's in Japan. Standing in front of a seated Ronald McDonald statue (who is known as Donald McDonald in Japan) is the "rare customer" who is giving off some very Hokkaido vibes.

"There was a rare customer at the northernmost McDonald's in Japan this morning."

Many on Twitter were delighted by the juxtaposition of the deer and McDonald's, with some joking that it must have been in a rush to order from the breakfast menu. Others pointed out that in Hokkaido, particularly rural areas, it isn't uncommon to see deer wandering the streets.

If they're anything like the deer in Nara, hopefully the McDonald's staff had their favorite food--deer crackers--on hand to serve them before they politely went home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.