When you're caught off guard, sometimes even the most mundane items in our surroundings like a phone booth can give you quite the fright.

Japanese Twitter user Moyashi Hatake (@0moyashi7) was treated to that brand of terror recently. While walking through Odori Park in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, he was struck by a sight that sent chills down his spine.

This would definitely cause a double-take, and maybe even worse if you saw it at night!

Source: @0moyashi7

"It looked like someone being tortured and I was horrified."

Many on Twitter shared Moyashi's fear, as the object does indeed look like someone undergoing some cruel punishment, like a person on their knees, wrapped in a plastic sheet, with a cone strapped to their back as weight!

Fortunately the spooky sight is not as gruesome as Moyashi's imagination, and it's actually a water fountain that appears to be under construction.

Still, many in the replies couldn't help but imagine otherwise:

"I'd be horrified if I saw this a night."

"I'm sorry for having a dirty mind, but this looks like some sort of kinky fetish activity."

"I feel like I've seen this in movies about the Medieval ages."

While it's nice that it's just a water fountain, perhaps Moyashi may not feeling like drinking at this one when it's done.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.