While cat lovers are always quick snap a pic anytime their kitty decided to flash their feline grace, very few things motivate a cat owner to pick up a camera the way seeing their cat look as goofy as possible does.

Japanese Twitter user Nyaa (@marotrain), who lives with their adorable Scottish Fold, Maro, definitely felt the urge to take this picture when they say Maro undergoing a "transformation" on their home's cat tower.

In fact Nyaa felt strongly enough to share the photo with the hashtag "猫の写真へたくそ選手権", which translates to "poorly taken photos of cats championship", a hashtag where cat lovers celebrate the "ugly cute" photos taken of their cats in a year. Maybe only the "cute" part is applicable, however, as the photo of Maro has people online convinced the cat has turned into Totoro from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro!

Source: @marotrain

The comparison seems very appropriate, as the super round Maro looks as if they are about to emerge from a forest and go on a charming Ghibli-esque adventure.

Although as great as it would be to believe that Nyaa has acquired a feline version of Hayao Miyazaki's beloved forest spirit, the shot is actually taken from below a clear bowl portion of the cat tower that Maro is found of resting in. However, because of the angle and pose, it almost appears as if Nyaa is standing up like Totoro and going for a stroll.

You can follow Nyaa on Twitter for more adorable pictures of Maro, and hopefully more Studio Ghibli transformations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.