Usually for a parent, if their young child offered to cook dinner were to offer to cook dinner, they might laugh it off as a joke or refuse in panicked worry about the kitchen exploding.

Japanese mother of two Naotaro (@naotarotarou) may be thanking her curiosity to find out what saying "yes" would lead to in that situation. When her elementary school third grade (8-9 years old in Japan) son asked "is it ok if I cook tonight's dinner?", she let him, and he definitely went beyond her wild expectations.

With quite the meal!

Source: @naotarotarou

"Today, I didn't do anything. My third grader son made all of this."

Her young son definitely didn't settle for a sandwich, putting together a homemade meal of grilled chicken, shishamo (small saltwater fish smelt), ham and cucumber salad, soup, rice, and an omelet.

According to Naotaro, her son found it difficult to cut the chicken thighs with a knife so they were baked slowly before cut with scissors. For his first ever homemade omelet, her son studied the cooking process on YouTube beforehand.

Naotaro says she stood by in the kitchen and oversaw her son trying his hardest for two hours to cook up this meal, and it looks like it was well worth it. The meal and kind effort by her son quickly spread to great praise online, with many leaving comments:

"Wow! It's so beautiful, so many dishes and nicely arranged."

"It looks so nutritious and delicious!"

"Genius! If my own son served me a home-cooked meal like this, I think I would cry."

According to Naotaro, her son told her that "in the future, I want to go to college and live on my own, so I want to learn housework before then", and that appears to have been his motivation to get cracking in the kitchen. He certainly seems to have a good head start on college life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.