As much as they usually hate it, many cats are regularly bathed by their humans when the seasons change as part of the process of trimming and removing dust and pollen from their fur.

Long-haired cats, in particular, tend to get their fur tangled, which makes loose fur difficult to remove, so many humans believe it's a good idea to bathe them regularly.

Aghast at the bath

Cat lover ぽてこゆこめ+うな potekoyukome + una (@potechi_nikki) documents her life with her four cats, Potechi, Koyuki, Okome and Unagi.

A few days ago, it was time for Okome, an American Curl with long hair, to take a bath.

Okome-chan, like most cats, dislike getting entirely drenched, and she made her feelings known to her human by meowing rather vehemently in protest.

I said noooooooooooooooo...!!!!

Image reproduced with permission from ぽてこゆこめ+うな potekoyukome + una (@potechi_nikki)

However, her human insisted, since it was in Okome-chan's best interest.

To appease Okome-chan when it was all done, they gave her one of her favorite treats.

Here's Okome-chan's expression. It was such a contrast from the extreme dismay and indignation she seemed to display during her bath that it made many people laugh on Twitter:

Image reproduced with permission from ぽてこゆこめ+うな potekoyukome + una (@potechi_nikki)

So delish...

Perhaps because she was carefully washed by her human, her fur is fluffy and beautiful. And above all, she looks so happy...

It's hard to believe that Okome-chan is the same cat as when she took a bath, and her before-and-after photos have garnered over 116,000 likes and nearly 15,300 retweets at the time of writing. May people left comments, such as:

  • "I love the way she expresses her emotions..."
  • "I love the gap in facial expressions! The way she looks when she's holding her treat is so soothing..."
  • "Both of her reactions were great! I'm glad she's in a better mood now!"

Okome-chan wasn't the only one who got bathed, and all four felines had their turn, except for Unagi.

You can see more of Okome-chan enjoying her treat in the video below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.