Although it used to have numerous streetcar lines crisscrossing its streets, Tokyo currently has only one remaining streetcar line*, which has been in operation since 1913, the Toei Streetcar (Toden) Arakawa Line (都営荒川電).

*The Tokyu Setagaya Line (東急世田谷線) is also a tram line but unlike the aforementioned Toden Arakawa Line, it doesn't share any of its rails with roads.

In 2017, the Toden Arakawa Line was given the official nickname "Tokyo Sakura Tram" (東京さくらトラム) since it is famous for its numerous cherry blossom viewing spots along its line.

Although the sakura season has passed, it's never too late to enjoy the scenery and put the Tokyo Sakura Tram on your list of things to do if you're planning a visit in Spring 2023!

Fortunately, Sankei News has made an excellent video tour of the line featuring its best sakura viewing spots all in beautiful 4K.

Let's take a look at the highlights:

Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋

The Tokyo Sakura Tram begins at Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋, where you can transfer to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

Arakawa-nichome 荒川二丁目

1.4 kilometers into the line, and the fourth station on the Tokyo Sakura Tram, Arakawa-nichome 荒川二丁目 is where the tram rides for a good stretch flanked by a row of cherry blossoms which you'll be able to enjoy from the window.

Kumanomae 熊野前

You'll also find sakura in bloom at Kumanomae 熊野前, the 9th station situated 3.1 kilometers into the line, a transfer station for the Nipporo-Toneri Liner.

Miyanomae 宮ノ前

The next station, Miyanomae 宮ノ前, located 3.5 kilometers into the line, also has its share of cherry trees which afford a lovely view in Spring.

Asukayama 飛鳥山

One of the most picturesque and famous cherry blossom viewing spots along the Tokyo Sakura Tram is in the area around Asukayama 飛鳥山, the 17th station located 6.5 kilometers into the line. This is where you'll find Asukayama Park (飛鳥山公園), where in the early eighteenth century, shōgun Tokugawa Yoshimune planted many cherry trees for the enjoyment of the residents of Edo, and now Tokyo. If you pass by at just the right time, you'll see the "Ascargot" car ascending the Asukayama Park Monorail.

The streetcar shares a considerable stretch of road here, as it curves around the park, flanked all the way by cherry trees, for a beautiful view.

Otsuka-ekimae 大塚駅前

8.9 kilometers into the line is the 23rd station, Otsuka-ekimae 大塚駅前, which literally means "in front of (JR's) Otsuka Station," which obviously serves as a transfer point. The streetcar will run past rows of cherry trees here, too.

Gakushuinshita ~ Omokagebashi 学習院下~面影橋

The area between Gakushuinshita 学習院下 and Omokagebashi 面影橋 stations, the antepenultimate and penultimate stations on the Tokyo Sakura Tram located at 11.2 and 11.7 kilometers into the line, respectively, also provide excellent sakura viewing opportunities. Crossing Omokagebashi bridge at the peak of the sakura season is particularly beautiful.

Waseda 早稲田

The Tokyo Sakura Tram's terminus is at the 30th station, Waseda 早稲田, where the line completes its 12.2 kilometer length.

4K video tour of the Tokyo Sakura Tram in Spring

By - grape Japan editorial staff.