Japan’s fruit sandwiches have put a whole new spin on the classic 'bread plus filling' combination. They usually consist of white bread, whipped cream, and various colourful fruits prettily arranged. They’ve become known as a particularly cute treat thanks to the sweet taste and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

So it’s no surprise that kings of kawaii Sanrio have decided to collaborate with a fruits sandwich specialty store. Fruits Box Daikanyama have announced a special sandwich and beverage inspired by the popular character Cinnamoroll, as well as exclusive merchandise.

As Cinnamoroll is often portrayed flying in the sky, his sandwich includes pastel blue whipped cream and star-shaped fruit, there’s also apple and honey compote for extra sweetness.

The drink takes on the sky theme as well, as it’s a blue soda, made with a lychee flavour and containing cute star-shaped jellies.

The merchandise combines the already adorable Cinnamoroll with some cute fruity motifs like this plushy of him asleep on a fruits sandwich.

And they even have a Cinnamoroll decked out as if he works at Fruits Box, complete with an apron as worn by the shop’s staff.

There’s also cute stationery and fun trinkets like keychains.

These sweet offerings can be found at Fruits Box Daikanyama in Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.