The Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan is definitely a must-visit for art fans in the area looking to take in any number of exhibitions, but another reason to stop by is one that's given the museum a bit of viral attention and now, it's own feline mascots and line of merchandise.

This of course, is all thanks to a duo of cats who will stop at nothing to try and sneak into the museum--especially when there is a cat art exhibit--and are repeatedly locked in a duel with the security guard who is tasked with foiling their attempts.

It was recently observed, however, that the security guard and one of the cats, Ken-chan, have developed a special bond. When the museum was out of commission during the early days of the pandemic, Ken-chan actually stood watch in place of the guard over the museum, hoping to reunite with him and engage in their daily adorable battles. When the museum recently reopened, they had a touching reunion.

Now a recent video the museum has uploaded gives us a little insight to friendship between Ken-chan (who now wears a collar as the museum's kitty mascot), as well as a reassuring sight to see that the bond is still going strong!

In the video, the security guard is opening the automatic doors to the museum's entrance in the early morning before opening hours. As he makes his way through to the entrance, he is greeted by a fluffy feline guest who has clearly been waiting from earlier...

The moment the security guard opens the final door, Ken-chan greets him with a hearty meow that just tells you he'd been longing to see his favorite guard all morning. Ken-chan immediately comes in for pets and rubs as the guard greets him with an equally enthused "good morning!"

It seems that despite their eternal yet adorable duel and competing goals, the security guard and Ken-chan aren't going to let anything get in the way of their friendship.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.