Famous for nemophila

Do you know the Hitachi Seaside Park located in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture?

The park is famous for its nemophila flowers (Nemophila menziesii), otherwise known as baby blue eyes, which are in full bloom from April to early May every year.

The park is crowded with many visitors every year, especially on sunny, cloudless days when you can enjoy the spectacular view of the blue nemophila carpeting the hills, seeming to blend in with the blue sky, as you can see in this image posted by the park's official Twitter account:

"Nemophila are in full bloom at Miharashi no Oka (みはらしの丘 literally, "fine view hill"). This year, the best time to see them is expected to be during the entire Golden Week season. Please enjoy the sight of the dazzling nemophila swaying in the breeze!"

Not nemophila this time...

Japanese photographer てらぬ~ Teranu~ (@teranu_photo), who takes beautiful photos mainly in Ibaraki Prefecture, was visiting the Hitachi Seaside Park early one morning when something caught their eye.

And this time, it wasn't nemophila.

Here's the beautiful image they captured:

Reproduced with permission from てらぬ~ Teranu~ (@teranu_photo)

"You don't usually see such a densely growing flower field, do you?"

In what looks like a forest clearing, tulips in full bloom stretch as far as the eye can see! The shadows of the trees here and there create contrast and add to the mood.

It looks as if it were the setting of a fairytale or a fantasy film.

This beautiful photo went viral, garnering over 149,000 likes and 15,000 retweets at the time of writing. It also elicited a wide variety of comments, such as:

  • "Amazing!!! I only had an image of tulips as cute, but seeing them like this, they are truly beautiful..."
  • "I live nearby and avoid going during the high season because of the crowds. But seeing this picture makes me want to go!"
  • "It looks like some foreign country or a fantasy film... Where's the Disney princess? It looks like one is about to appear!"
  • "Nemophila attracts a lot of attention at this time of the year, but the tulips and narcissus are also beautiful (at Hitachi Seaside Park)."

According to Teranu~, they were able to take this fantastic photo because they arrived at the park early in the morning and many of the park visitors were there for the nemophila, so there were very few people in that spot.

It just goes to show that sometimes it pays to do things differently and not just follow the crowd!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.