While sudden changes in background scenery can turn even telephone booths and water fountains into bone-chilling sights, we usually trust the everyday roads we travel to be smooth sailing.

Japanese Twitter user Aipu (@Airiateikoku12) was recently reminded that the elements can throw a scary curveball into that reasoning.

Recently when Aipu was riding their bike on a road they regularly travel on, they were struck by some mystifying imagery that has many online thinking they've discovered the teleportation entrance of an isekai anime, or worse, Silent Hill:

Source: @Airiateikoku12

"I was riding my back on the usual road I take and it seemed like I was about to be teleported to another world."

A creeping and dense fog turned the familiar path into something far more mysterious and even sort of terrifying. Many on Twitter shared Aipu's feelings about the path, looking it as some hybrid between the setting for a survival horror game and a more hopeful way to find yourself whisked away to an anime world.

"The atmosphere was so creepy that it looks like something you would see in a horror game."

"It looks like if you traveled far enough down the road you would be spirited away."

"This brings back the opening scenes of Silent Hill"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.