Japanese candy company Nobel Co., Ltd. sells a popular brand of gummies called KAMEKAME SOURS. The brand is known for having the image of a turtle on its packaging and promotional images since kamekame (not to be confused with kamekameha) can mean both "turtle turtle" and "chew chew" in Japanese.

Continuing from the previous campaign, actor 亀梨和也 Kamenashi Kazuya, whose family name contains the word "turtle" in it, plays the role of the brand's image character, together with the Kamekame Kaijin turtle monster and the Wakamekame Kaijin wakame seaweed monster. Where the new commercial promotion diverges quite radically from its previous version is in its new gift campaign, presented in the guise of a luxury fashion brand...

KAMEKAME SOURS 2022 Spring & Summer Collection

2,550 people will be chosen by lottery among campaign participants to receive a lineup of fashionable KAMEKAME SOURS gifts. To participate, you need to have a LINE account, a Japanese address and purchase the participating products at a brick-and-mortar shop where you can receive a paper receipt (online purchases not allowed). By scanning your receipts, you'll earn points (1 point per package of gummies) with which you can apply for a chance to win products, each product requiring 1 to 5 points to apply, depending on their value.

The campaign will continue until July 24, 23:59 (JST). Details are available at the official campaign website here (Japanese only).

Let's take a look at the unique and fashionable lineup!


This bag features a unique form inspired by the Kamekame Kaijin monster. The bag is made of vegan leather. Two inner pockets perfectly fit KAMEKAME SOURS of various sizes or whatever else you choose to place in them.

5 points to apply, 5 winners will be chosen.


In a beautiful royal blue snowdome, Kamekame Kaijin appears surrounded by wakame seaweed. When you shake the dome, the words "kamekame" will float along with the glitter and snow.

5 points to apply, 5 winners will be chosen.


With wavy shoulder ribbons inspired by wakame seaweed, this summer dress features a band of cool, see-through material below the knees and wave-patterned gathers that make the dress sway elegantly like wakame in the sea as you move.

5 points to apply, 20 winners will be chosen.


This attractive tie made in high-quality silk features a chic color textile with a looped brand logo. The wavy shape is inspired by wakame seaweed swaying in the sea, and the gold embroidered logo adds an elegant touch. It's perfect for fancy occasions or whenever you want to dress up.

5 points to apply, 30 winners will be chosen.


Featuring the four katakana カメカメ Kamekame in gold, these elegant accessories will remind you of the joy of chewing on delicious KAMEKAME SOURS.

5 points to apply, 30 and 50 winners will be chosen, respectively.


These fashionable and functional sandals have comfy polyurethane insoles and soles made of lightweight "rubber mix EVA foam," with an accent from the stitched brand logo on a fluorescent green tag.

5 points to apply, 30 winners will be chosen.


This fringed blanket is dynamically shaped into a turtle pattern that expresses the origins of the Kamekame Kaijin monster. The shape of the blanket resembles a turtle swimming freely in the sea, and its soft texture makes it an enchanting item that you want to let go of once it envelops you.

5 points to apply, 50 winners will be chosen.


A clear acrylic charm in a wavy form reminiscent of the Wakamekame Kaijin wakame seaweed monster. You can use it as a charm on your bag or other accessories, or if you attach the clip, you can use it as an earring.

3 points to apply, 30 winners will be chosen.


These frilled socks have patterns reminiscent of wakame seaweed elegantly swaying in the sea, creating a subtle two-tone pattern. The KAMEKAME SOURS logo is subtly stitched on top. These socks can be just as easily matched with sneakers as they can with dress shoes.

3 points to apply, 200 winners will be chosen.


This oversized T-shirt features a neon-colored print on a high-quality white fabric. The Kamekame Kaijin monster printed on the tee will invite you into a world of fun and fantasy.

3 points to apply, 300 winners will be chosen.


These KAMEKAME SOURS cases are just the right size to hold a pack of 2-layer Kamekame Sours Gummies. With their stylish design, they're perfect for any urban gummy scene. The cases are also a symbolic item featured in the commercial, and each one is carefully made with KAMEKAME SOURS love.

2 points to apply, 700 winners will be chosen, 350 for each size, respectively.


This QUO CARD features the key visual of the campaign. You can put it in your favorite photo frame and display it as interior decoration for your room.

2 points to apply, 1000 winners will be chosen.


These earplugs featuring a flexible 3-layer flange and a unique, wakame shape invite you to a world of tranquility as if you were under the sea. The dynamic wakame accents are sure to make you feel unique, and if you use them in public, you're sure to make waves.

1 point to apply, 100 winners will be chosen.

For more information about the KAMEKAME SOURS 2022 Spring & Summer Collection gift campaign and the complete list of eligible KAMEKAME SOURS products, visit the campaign website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.