Living with a puppy is a series of ups and downs. One minute the puppy is zooming around the house leaving a trail of chaos in his wake, and just as suddenly he can end up completely conked out, sometimes in the weirdest places and poses.

One scene which was captured by a Japanese pet owner, and shared online, perfectly demonstrates the ‘down’ portion of life with a puppy, with their corgi called Pepe as the star.

From her position in the middle of the floor, with a toy nearby, we can deduce that she suddenly fell asleep mid-play. Even her flat-out pose, face down, makes it look as though she just collapsed out of exhaustion.

The owner’s caption reads, ‘I thought she was playing, but suddenly she ran out of battery’.

The photo was posted on Twitter and received over 23 thousand likes thanks to Pepe’s adorable charms. Many people commented that their puppy does the same thing, while most just proclaimed how adorable Pepe is.

Hopefully her sudden power nap perked her up and she was soon ready to play all over again.

If you want to see more cute puppy antics from Pepe the corgi, check out her owner’s Twitter profile!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.