A trip to the dog park is highlight of the week for many dogs, but Japanese Twitter user @kuroshibapeko made sure to make it special enough fun to last for weeks on end.

@kuroshibapeko recently shared a video of a very different type of dog park trip with their beloved shiba inu, Peko. As you can see in the video, Peko was treated to quite the exciting time, and the caption @kuroshibapeko shared the video with speaks for itself:

"I had the greatest weekend with my dog."

In a conveniently empty dog park, @kuroshibapeko is giving Peko quite the humorous chase in a giant dinosaur costume. Peko seems super enthused, and almost seems to be mocking them as they run circles around the flailing dinosaur and stopping and starting to give them a chance to catch up.

@kuroshibapeko explained that in order to not scare Peko with the costume, they first showed it to them at home and tried it on around them in order for the excitable shiba inu to get used to it.

Source: @kuroshibapeko

It certainly makes for quite the image!


Source: @kuroshibapeko

By - grape Japan editorial staff.