When walking your dog, some typical worries might be them stubbornly starting and stopping, or perhaps answering the call of nature where it's hard to clean up (although Tokyo parks have a fancy solution for that).

When Japanese Twitter user @sumisumi_mame takes their mini-shiba inu Sumisumi out for a walk, however, another concern might be falling down in laughter when she looks at her mid-jog.

@sumisumi_mame shared a photo of she happened to snap of Sumisumi in the middle a of a brisk walk, and the adorable but smug expression on her face has charmed dog loving netizens.

Source: @sumisumi_mame

You can almost assign any number of thoughts to the jolly but confident look on Sumisumi's face, anything ranging from joyfully letting @sumisumi_mame know she's having a great time to smugly looking down on her for not keeping up!

Plenty of people on Twitter were delighted and surprised by the adorable expression:

"Dogs can run with this kind of expression?!"

"His incredibly smug face is just too cute!"

"It looks like she's asking her owner 'are you having fun too?"

To see more of Sumisumi's adorable adventures, you can follow on Twitter or YouTube--where below you can see her on a camping trip.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.