Located in Ehime prefecture, the island of Aoshima is nicknamed "Cat Island" and known to be a paradise for cats for cat lovers. That's because of the island's incredibly large feline population, which outnumbers human residents 10:1! It's practically run by cats. Tourists often flock by ferry to Cat Island to feed and photograph the kitties, but also take in its tranquil atmosphere and scenery.

The official Twitter account (@aoshima_cat of Aoshima posts daily photos, information, and happenings on the island. A recent pair of photos they've shared has become quite the hit with feline fans.

The photos are of a sight that is no doubt a frequent occurrence on the island--a cat carrying a fish it caught in its mouth. However, as adorable as the happy kitty's face is, it's the Aoshima account's explanation of what its doing with the fish that's making people laugh:

Source: @aoshima_cat

Source: @aoshima_cat

"A cat holding a fish in its mouth. This cat is showing off its fish to the other cats on the island."

While you might assume the cat is simply hurrying off to a safe eating space with its dinner, it's apparently proudly bragging to the other cats near the dock about its catch! The staff running Aoshima's account may be familiar with the kitty and identified it as a particularly smug cat--or perhaps this is common behavior among the cats on the island.

Either way, it appears the proud cat's expression is bringing a smile to many on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.