Dragon Quest, Square Enix’s long running fantasy series, has different characters and stories with every release. But one creature is sure to always make an appearance. The Slime.

This little guy has become the face of the series, so he often takes centre stage in brand collaborations.

This month, Dragon Quest has teamed up for the first time with ice cream purveyors Baskin Robbins, to bring some icy, Slime-inspired treats to Japan.

The Slime-themed ice cream has been dubbed ‘Hoimi’ flavour. This is the spell from the Japanese version of the games, used in order to heal the characters and regain health points. This taste has been created with apple flavour sorbet marbled in with creamy vanilla ice cream.

The Slimes make their appearance as soda flavoured gummy candy. The overall effect gives the look of a fantasy game terrain with several Slimes hopping about, just waiting to be battled.

Just like the healing spell from the game, this treat will perk up fans and have them shouting out, ‘Hoimi!’

There’s also a Dragon Quest themed variety box on offer, that includes eight flavours and comes with eight exclusive Dragon Quest coasters.

These game-inspired offerings are currently on sale at branches of Baskin Robbins in Japan until 31st May 2022 or while stocks last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.