We’ve seen some very impressive character-inspired desserts over the years, including Disney cake sets and even Sanrio character doughnuts. But the collaboration between Japanese pancake specialist store Butter and classic anime Evangelion, which started this month, has resulted in some unexpected offerings.

This includes Nerv headquarters-shaped curry.

And even a pancake featuring Asuka’s hand puppet.

Big fans of the series are sure to appreciate these tributes to the less recreated motifs from the anime. But apart from these, there’s also some more standard fare featuring the main characters.

There’s a ‘White Tower Soufflé Pancake’ inspired by Rei Ayanami with blue lemonade jelly as a reference to her hair.

Mari Makinami Illustrious also makes an appearance, on a pancake themed around the colour scheme of the Evangelion Unit-08 that she pilots.

For a savoury pancake option, there’s an eggs benedict inspired by Village 3.

The drinks menu is filled with refreshing, colourful options, featuring Shinji, Asuka, and Rei.

The ‘Second Impact Tea’ changes colour just like magic when the lemon syrup is added.

This Evangelion collaboration menu will be going on until 31st May 2022 at several branches of Butter across Japan. The menu differs for each location so please check ahead before visiting.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.