"Will you just look at these cookies my high schooler son made?"

Such was the proud caption on a photo Tweeted by Japanese illustrator 前川さなえ Sanae Maekawa (@puninpu), who creates heartwarming manga based on her own experience raising two children. She also loves to bake and some of our readers may recall the batch of unique melonpan breads she made.

As it turns out, baking skills run in the family. Her son Ikkun, who just began high school in April, enjoys baking from time to time, and with Maekawa's supervision, he continues to improve himself.

This time, the cookies he baked were so well made that the Tweet went viral, garnering over 134,000 likes and 6,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Reproduced with permission from 前川さなえ Sanae Maekawa (@puninpu)

It's hard to believe this tin of cookies isn't something you'd see in a store and was made by an amateur, let alone a teen fresh out of middle school.

The square cookies look just like the Japanese version of langue(s) de chat (French for "cat tongue(s)"), thin sandwich cookies typically filled with a thin layer of white chocolate, and the rolled cookies look like cigarette cookies (also known as cigar cookies, or in France, cigarettes russes). If you're more familiar with Japanese sweets than French ones, the latter will probably remind you of the famous Japanese cookie brand Yokumoku. And in fact, as Maekawa reveals in her blog, Ikkun used a Yokumoku-supervised cookbook to make them.

As you can see from additional photos Maekawa posted in a separate Tweet, Ikkun baked the cookies from scratch, and based on the end results, you can tell he's really good at it.

Reproduced with permission from 前川さなえ Sanae Maekawa (@puninpu)

The cookies looked so professional that some people on Twitter took her words "tin of cookies" quite literally and assumed it was the tin itself that he made from scratch (perhaps in a school workshop), but Maekawa was quick to correct the mistake. The tin was store-bought but together with the cookies, the whole thing looks like Ikkun just went to a nice bakery and bought a tin of cookies as a gift!

The photos surprised many people on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "Everything is handmade??!!... It looks like a picture of a store-bought product!"
  • "It's so beautifully baked. He must be a genius!"
  • "I can't believe this was made by a high school boy...! The level is so high, it's giving me goosebumps."

To see more images of Maekawa (and her kids') sweets, and for those who can read Japanese, enjoy her journal entries, you can visit her side blog "クリママ! Creative Mama" here or her main blog "ぷにんぷファミリー Puninpu Family" here. You'll also find her list of publications here if you're interested in her manga and other writing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.