We all know that the internet has a thing for funny pet pictures, and one subgenre of these viral photos is ‘animals that look like they could knock you out’.

There will always be something hilarious about seeing a cute and innocent looking animal suddenly hulk out and resemble a body builder. Like last year’s viral muscular pet hit, a small and cute Pomeranian with a six pack.

Another popular post that turned up recently features this sweet little guy.

Looking at his adorable face, you wouldn’t guess that there was such a powerful side to him.

He seems to really like this basket, as there’s a few pictures of him chilling out while sitting in it. It looks like he enjoys poking his little paws out of the gaps in the basket. How cute!

But then suddenly!

Where did that bulging bicep come from?

Even the way he has arranged his arms looks like a competitor posing in a body building competition.

Of course, it just looks as though he has buff arms because of how his skin and fur is trapped in the basket’s small gap. But this photo was funny enough to get a reaction from 120 thousand people on social media.

Now that we’ve seen a buff dog and a brawny cat, we wonder which type of pet we will see go viral next for their Herculean charms!

(Permission was obtained to use these photos, but the contributor has been made anonymous in accordance with their wishes.)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.