Blåhaj, for those unfamiliar, is a soft shark plushie toy that is somewhat of a mascot for furnishing company IKEA. You could quite literally call him a real estate shark, as he is the ambassador for IKEA's dirt cheap less-than-a-buck Tokyo apartment.

The adorable shark plushie has become a bit of a fan favorite in Japan, but as Twitter user Jaga-san (@zyagasan_26) recently found out, it's not the easiest plushie to take care of.

Jaga-san noticed this when they were preparing to wash the plushie, as they do with others. That's when they learned that it can be a little hard to go through with the process and close the washer door, because they were greeted with this image:

Source: @zyagasan_26

"I'm kinda hesitant to wash this."

The image exploded on Twitter to the tune of 105k likes, but not simply because of the adorably comical image of a shark popping out of a washing machine. Many expressed sympathy for what looks like a shark about to be shoved into a washing machine reluctantly, and owners of the popular plushie said they understand the feeling and purposefully wash it in their bathtubs to avoid the dilemma entirely.

Jaga-san was able to overcome their feelings of guilt and wash the shark, however, creating another funny image--that of a shark sunbathing!

Source: @zyagasan_26

By - grape Japan editorial staff.