Japanese Twitter user Aya (@ayry0521) moved to the States with her husband and her beloved cat. Recently, she shared a heartwarming photo and story that’s made her cat beloved by just about everyone!

One day, Aya broke her favorite glass she brought with her from Japan.

Because Aya knew it wasn’t something she could easily replace, she was quite visibly heartbroken about it when cleaning it up.

As she was cleaning up the mess, crying, she noticed something:

“I dropped and broke my favorite glass I brought from Japan, and was crying while cleaning it up. My cat was so worried he came to check on me… too adorable..love you…”

Source: ayry0521

Aya’s cat was just watching her, looking worried! Peering out shyly from around the wall, it looks like he sensed something was wrong and was checking on her as if to say “are you ok?”

Aya adored her cat’s sweet reaction. She posted a tweet on Twitter, and received over 170 likes and many comments.

“The kitty is so sweet… both his facial expression and the way he is peeking from the wall is adorable. “

“Maybe, he was trying to say “I can’t fix but can comfort you?””

“The kitty must have been really worried about their owner.”

By - Mugi.