It’s amazing how a friendly interaction with a customer service worker can improve your mood, but it’s even more amazing when the worker goes above and beyond to brighten someone’s day.

That’s what happened when this Japanese dog owner stopped off at a local Starbucks for a rest mid-walk. The owner’s dog is an Akita breed called Yumi, and she works as a canine mascot for a sake company in Niigata. According to the owner, the Starbucks staff recognised Yumi and added an extra present to the drink order.

The present was a pretty accurate portrait of the dog! It was stuck onto the cup, and the staff even added Yumi’s name to show she was a true fan.

As you can see in the photo, Yumi looks pretty pleased with this representation! She must know how popular she is.

Many commenters praised the staff member’s customer service as ‘god level’, not to mention her pretty nifty drawing skills.

If you want to see more of Yumi’s adorableness, check out the Twitter profile of the sake company she promotes, where you can see her bounding about and working hard.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.