The warmth of the spring season brings out the calmness and peaceful state of mind in us.

Instagram user Teku Mahiru (stella16_sheena20) is reminding us of that with a wonderful photo of their dog Sheena that shows off the wonder of spring. The photo exploded with viral praise online, as it perfectly showed off the cherry blossom-filled wonder of spring in Japan.

Take a look at the photo that Sheena’s owner Teku Mahiru highly recommends everybody to see : “I want you all to see the sweetest photo of my dog!”

The sakura flower petal on Sheena’s snout adds the ambience of spring to the picture.

Sheena’s adorable smiley face is so sweet and gentle just like the warmth in spring season.

You can almost hear her say with a sleepy voice “It’s such a nice day today…”

Many felt the warmth of spring from the photo and left comments:

"It is such a spring-like, great photo!"

"She looks like she’s about to sneeze at any moment. Too cute!"

"Such a great smile..."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.