In recent years, camping has become such a cultural trend in Japan. So much so that Licca-chan (Japanese equivalent to Mattel's Barbie Doll) now has her own camping gear featured in popular outdoor brand, “Coleman”! In this collabo project with Coleman, Takara Tomy company is releasing a set of camping gear “Waku waku Otomari (sleepover) camping” (5,280 yen, tax included), and camping outfit “Waku waku outdoor corde (outfit coordination in Japanese)” (2,640 yen) on Apirl 29th available both in store and online shopping.

Licca-chan’s Coleman camping set consists of Licca-chan original design tent, sleeping bag, hammock, and mess tin sets. This is a total package to experience camping with Licca- chan. The sleeping bag can be changed up into a single or family use, and the hammock can also turn into a swing. The outdoor outfit set “Waku waku outdoor coorde” is Coleman's trendy, popular active outdoor style which includes a T-shirt with Coleman logo and a sakosh shoulder bag in Licca-can size!

With this Coleman’s camping set replicated to such details, children can experience the big overnight camping through Licca-chan and her family.

The tent is a family size of 30 x 30 cm. There is Coleman’s popular “Sunshine catcher” drawn near the tent entrance.

The mess tin set is also made for blind and visually impaired individuals. There is a small dent/cut on each food plate to mark and differentiate the top and bottom part, as well as stickers for each food item.

This allows children with visual impairment to enjoy cooking part of the play with Licca-chan, too.

For more details you can visit the official webpage.

By - Mugi.