It really depends on the pet, but many dogs and cats aren’t big fans of baths.

Riku the toy poodle is no exception, and also dislikes baths.

One day, It was bath time for Riku and Riku’s owner (@athina_2021) gave the fluffy poodle a good wash and scrubbing.

Take a look at this photo of him right after the bath!


Source: @athina_2021

Perhaps, it is because his eyes are all covered by his long coat that it makes him look upset.

From his face, you can almost hear him say “Why did you do such an awful thing to me!?” to the owner, with a hint of resentment!

This photo has made many people laugh.

"I feel bad for him because I can tell he’s sad and upset, but I can’t stop laughing!"

"Don’t be mad, you are looking so fluffy and cool now from the bath…!"

"Riku gets angry very silently. Rumbling sounds in the back would be appropriate! "

Although he was silently angry, Riku endured the bath he hates, like a good boy!

We can only imagine he was very spoiled after by the owner to make up for it!

By - Mugi.