The owner of the Twitter account (@0707_Shisyamo) posts about their daily lives with their cat, ししゃも Shisyamo.

One day earlier this month, they were watching fireworks lighting up the night sky from their home. The spectacular fireworks shot up one after another, exploding in beautiful bursts of color.

And what was Shisyamo-chan doing in the midst of all this? Here's a look at the actual scene from the owner's point of view!

Reproduced with permission from ししゃも Shisyamo (@0707_Shisyamo)

Shisyamo was staring so hard, demanding her owner's attention that the fireworks were almost hidden by her head!

Shisyamo was born with poor eyesight, so she couldn't see the fireworks but she surely knows when her owners aren't meeting her need for attention!

Shisyamo-chan's insistence was so intense in this photo that many people were amused, leaving comments such as:

  • "She's like: 'Look at me instead of the fireworks!'"
  • "I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the fireworks. She's so cute...!"
  • "She's so demanding! It looks like a cartoon lol"

Hopefully, her owner didn't continue to ignore her for too long!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.