Located in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan's Hitachi Seaside Park is known to basically be heaven on earth for fans of flowers. No matter whether you're admiring its strikingly fairy tale like scenery or taking the best shiba inu photos ever, the park is pretty much guaranteed to yield some great photography.

Photographer Sho Konno (@_shuto_filmsss) proved that recently with a stunning photo of Hitachi Seaside Park's sea of gorgeous nemophilas that many can't believe was simply taken on an iPhone.

Source: @_shuto_filmsss

"A sea of nemophilas I took a picture of using an iPhone."

Konno's gorgeous photo received over 290,000 likes, as well as replies from many who found the clear blue of the sky and nemophilas filling the screen dazzling, and were in disbelief it was taken on an iPhone 11 and not one of Konno's fancier cameras.

It's also a great reminder that spring is a lovely time to visit the park.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.