Japanese Twitter user Hiro (@kinnikubanker) has an appropriate name, as his incredible transformation might just be an inspiration to others.

Hiro recently blew the minds of many online when he took to Twitter to share before and after pictures of his journey through fitness and lifting. Bullied as a kid and not quite popular with the ladies, Hiro took to the gym to make a change in his life.

On the left you can see Hiro as a junior high school student, ten years ago from today. On the right you can see the impressive change he's made after lifting seriously for 3 years:

Source: @kinnikubanker

Source: @kinnikubanker

Hiro has shared a few pictures of his growth through muscle training, usually recalling his past. "I couldn't get a girlfriend until I was 20. I was worried I couldn't keep going on like that, but it looks like the answer was in training...I was really shy, but was able to make a change."

Hiro's story has moved many on Twitter, who were wowed by his transformation. He points out that once he built confidence, the look on his face began to change, and you can see it.

His journey didn't stop in the gym, either. His gains allowed him to take the 2nd place prize in "Physique", a bodybuilding competition in Osaka.

It's clear that Hiro put a lot of hard work and dedication into changing not only his looks, but his feelings about life in general. He regularly shares pictures and videos of his progress on Twitter, and doesn't forget where he started--maybe that can help someone else in a similar situation see one way to get things going.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.