Typically when you come across a shirt in Japan that makes you laugh, it has to do with some very creative use of English written on it. Uno Shirahoshi (@ponchimint) recently shared an adorable but somewhat puzzling shirt that proves you don't have to step outside of the Japanese language to raise eyebrows with a T-shirt, however.

Shirahoshi says they dug up shirt when visiting their parent's house, saying they dug it up from a while ago but decided to wear it. The shirt features a cute illustrated hamster design, but it's the Japanese text below that has been making many on Twitter laugh and want to purchase one of their own:

Source: @ponchimint

Under the hamster, in Japanese the phrase "これハムスターだわ" or "Kore wa Hamusta da wa" is written, which quite simply translates to "this is a hamster." You'd expect some sort of slogan or perhaps a joke, but the incredibly simple phrase has caused quite a stir with many clamoring for it, calling it "surreal but cute". Perhaps the designer wanted to clarify in case the illustration didn't make it clear.

As it turns out, Shirahoshi designed the shirt themselves, and has it for sale on the original goods online store SUZURI, so those looking for a surreal hamster shirt of their own can get one there.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.