While there are definitely some photogenic places around Japan that strikingly look like anime scenes come to life, fans use the term seichi ("Holy Ground" or "Holy Site") to refer to actual areas that appear in their favorite anime or manga. Dedicates fans even take seichi junrei, or pilgrimages, to the real life anime sites around the Japan.

So as you can imagine, the locations gorgeously depicted in anime such as Makoto Shinkai's highly celebrated film, Your Name make for popular anime site pilgrimages.

Photographer Shoya (@sps823n) recently reminded us why the locations in the film are so admired, and just how jaw-droppingly beautiful they are in real life with a shot that has quickly captivated fans on Twitter.

Take a look at his incredible photo of Lake Suwa, located in Nagano, that heavily inspired a village setting in Your Name!

Source: @sps823n

"The scenery of Your Name's Holy Ground, Lake Suwa, was so beautiful."

Lake Suwa is often visited to take in panoramic views of beautiful night skies, the Northern Alps, and the lights of the surrounding suburban area as well. Shoya perfectly captures it in an inspiring shot that looks like Your Name has come to life.

Many left impressed comments in the replies:

"The lake is just too gorgeous."

"You can imagine a comet falling at any moment."

"It's so beautiful I'm speechless."

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.