Japanese artist duo sara (@sara2626_if) consists of photographer Arai and illustrator sako. By adding sako's graffiti like illustrations over Arai's photography of gorgeous scenery around the country, the two create some pretty fantastical images.

Recently the two made creative use of their talents when they took a visit to a deserted island. The image they collaborated on is sure to be a hit with fans of Studio Ghibli's iconic anime, Spirited Away.

The duo discovered a mysterious tunnel on the uninhabited island, and were inspired by the film to whip up this piece that may have well have just popped out of the movie:

Source: @sara2626_if

"There was a Studio Ghibli-esque tunnel on a small deserted island."

It's clear to see where the inspiration came from. The photo-illustration combo shows Chihiro from Spirited Away racing through a dark tunnel. On the opposite end, the mysterious No-Face awaits.

The photo was taken Sarushima, an uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay, and many Ghibli fans left their praise in the replies:

"I love the fact that there No-Face in the background!"

"The sense of an entrance to another world is amazing!"

"It reminds me of the slogan for Spirited Away, 'On the other side of the tunnel, there was a mysterious town.'"

The island is famous for the remains of a fortress built by the former Japanese military, as well as a wealth of charming and striking natural sights. Those seeking to be spirited away (although maybe don't go running through any strange tunnels!) might want to visit.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.