Comparing something to mochi is a quick way to let people know that you think it's cute, soft, and sweet. This Japanese rice cake treat is known for these features, so it’s natural that mochi comes to mind when seeing something adorable.

For that reason, wrapping something cute in an oak leaf, so that it resembles kashiwa mochi, can make it even more adorable. We’ve seen kashiwa mochi versions of Japan’s cutest bird, and now one Japanese pet owner has revealed a cat that seems just as sweet as mochi.

The star of this popular photo is a munchkin cat called Arthur. He looked so adorable while sleeping that the owner thought he suited the oak leaf much better than the mochi cushion.

In the picture you can see the cushion unceremoniously tossed to the side to make way for the real cutie.

We have to agree that Arthur suits the leaf wrapping best, and many commenters did too. There were replies such as:

‘Looks tasty! One for me please!’


‘A lovely “nya-shiwa mochi”! Adorable.’

While others were more sceptical, stating that they don’t want a mouth full of fur.

But if you agree that Arthur makes a great mochi, you can check out his Twitter profile for more adorableness!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.