As most dog owners know, doggos have can be very particular about where they sleep and usually have their favorite spots picked out. And usually they take their time getting settled in and comfortable with them. Usually.

The exception seems to be for Japanese Twitter user @muchi21067312's hyper corgi Chii. Recently while watching Chii and his brother Mu play around, @muchi21067312 noticed Chii making a split decision to head to the pet bed.

Fair play, but the sequence of Chii's dash to the bed and behavior upon entering it, as well as Mu watching the whole thing, will explain why the video @muchi21067312 became a comedic spectacle on Twitter:

Chii wiggles his butt in anticipation as he excitedly enters the bed, but then immediately collapses into a leisurely pose with his only his legs jutting out. The on and off switch the dog has, as well as Mu's confused reaction, delighted many on Twitter.

Source: @muchi21067312

By - grape Japan editorial staff.