Cats are often thought of as nocturnal, but they also have a tendency to be more active at dawn and at dusk.

Some cat owners are woken up early in the morning by a cheerful "Meow!" as their pet urges them for food.

Of course, what this means is that many households have to deal with two conflicting desires: the human who wants to get more sleep and the cat who is determined to wake their human.

Cat discovers her human's "wake up" switch

Japanese Twitter user カワウソ祭 Kawauso Matsuri (@otter_fes) lives with their cat, Gal.

One morning, Gal seems to have made a significant discovery about her human:

No matter how soundly a human is sleeping, if you step on their throat, they'll wake up!

Reproduced with permission from カワウソ祭 Kawauso Matsuri (@otter_fes)

Look at Gal's dignified expression, as if she's made a great discovery!

According to Kawauso Matsuri in a follow-up Tweet, here's how it played out:

Gal: Tries to wake me up by whispering "meow meow... meow meow".

Human: Ignores her because I don't want her to think that she'll get food if she meows.

Gal: Keeps meowing from various places.

Human: Keeps pretending to be asleep until the set 'meal time.'

Gal: "Meow meow meow..." while slowly stepping on my throat.

Human: AAAGGH!!!

You can't help but laugh when you imagine the early morning battle between Gal and her human, and many people were amused by the post, some of them sharing similar experiences.

It seems that the days of Gal-chan forcing her owner to wake up will continue for a while...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.