After Twitter stumbled upon the most terrifying bus stop in Japan a couple of weeks ago, it would seem a more cheerful palate cleanser might be in order.

Fortunately, talented photographer Yui Hirayama (@yuiphoto2), who travels the country snapping shots of fascinating scenery such as beautiful purification ponds and fairy tale villages is doing just that with their latest work.

Taking a trip down to Isahaya City in Nagasaki prefecture, Yui found the polar opposite of the ominous bus stop that captivated Demon Slayer fans, this time with a bus stop many are calling the cutest in the country!

Source: @yuiphoto2

"The fairy tale like bus stops in Nagasaki are just too cute."

The delightful melon bus stop is just one of many "Fruits Bus Stops" installed just before the 1990 Travel Expo in Nagasaki as a means of providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Today the adorable bus stops (which include strawberries, watermelon, mikan, and tomatoes) are admired as local landmarks, and as a way to sort of recreate the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella.

Even so many years after the expo, the fruits bus stops still have quite the charm, with many expressing their fondness for them in the replies saying "I would love to wait for the bus here, listening to the sound of the waves" and "it's a bus stop that's so soothing to look at."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.