Donguri Closet, an offshoot of Studio Ghibli merch wonderland Donguri Kyowakoku, never lets us down when it comes to gorgeous jewellery featuring our favourite characters. They even sometimes collaborate with Japanese artisanal brand Palnart Poc, bringing out particularly charming and quirky collections, all painted by hand.

The latest lineup they’ve teamed up on stars some of the animation studio’s most beloved animal characters. Namely, Jiji, the black cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and the Fox Squirrel from Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

It’s called the ‘Thank You Series’, as each character is accompanied by types of flowers that symbolise gratitude such as bellflowers, poppies, and African daisies.

Jiji appears with light purple bellflowers in both a necklace,

And earrings.

If your ears aren’t pierced then don’t worry, there’s even clip-ons available.

Another Jiji design has been created for an adorable and colourful brooch with African daisies and dahlias.

Both of the Fox Squirrel designs show the creature curled up and sleeping adorably. There’s a ring with purple flowers and red poppies.

And a brooch made in a similar image.

These lovely accessories are available in Donguri Closet (Lazona Kawasaki Plaza), branches of Donguri Kyowakoku with a Donguri Closet corner, and via their online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.