Many newcomers to the workforce say that they have learned to appreciate their parents since they started working.

Perhaps they are grateful once they realize the efforts their parents made to successfully balance the hardships of work on the one hand, and raising children on the other.

Tears after text with son who got his first paycheck

Twitter user ムー Muuu (@Muuu4432) divorced his wife and now lives separated from his son.

A senior in high school, his son recently started a part-time job and received his first salary, about 24,000 yen (approx. $185 USD at current rates).

Texting his son on the messaging app LINE, Muu asked him how he felt about working and earning money.

Here is the screen capture of their conversation. If you have children or recently started working, this may tug at your heartstrings:

Reproduced with permission from ムー Muuu (@Muuu4432), English translations added by grape Japan

In his first Tweet, Muuu says that he fought back tears in the train as he read his son's words and understood the feelings he conveyed.

However, as the conversations continued, there was one point where he couldn't hold back his emotions any longer, as Muuu explains in a follow-up Tweet:

"When he said 'I can't thank you enough,' my tear ducts burst open lol. I cried in the middle of the train."

Many people on Twitter were moved by this conversation, leaving comments such as, "I can't read this without crying," and "What a good son you have."

Through his part-time job, Muuu's son has surely gained valuable experience that will help him as he fully transitions into adulthood.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.