Itohkyuemon is a Japanese tea specialist store based in Uji, an area of Kyoto famous for producing top quality green tea. It was founded in 1832, and these days there’s a few branches of Itohkyuemon dotted around Kyoto for tea lovers to visit, and if you’re a fan of matcha desserts, you won’t be disappointed.

The historic green tea purveyors have made the popular matcha parfait into a fine art, with elaborately presented desserts packed full of their signature Uji matcha. They even serve up seasonal sweets, such as sakura-themed desserts for spring and chestnut creations for autumn.

But their most popular creation is surely the ‘Hydrangea Parfait’ which shows up in time for rainy season every year.

The arrangement of ingredients in lilac, baby blue, and green hues is preposterously photogenic. It consists of blueberries, purple and blue matcha sweet potato (kinton), and green leaf matcha cookie accents. Crushed jelly glistens like a hydrangea’s petals after a night of showers and plenty of green tea gives the impression of the plant’s greenery.

Those who order the parfait (whether individually or in a tea set) will even be gifted with a hydrangea coaster.

This dessert can be sampled at Itohkyuemon’s Uji honten main store, as well as the branches at JR Uji train station and Gion Shijo-dori. Take a look at Itohkyuemon's website for up to date information on opening times.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.