At some point, every cat owner has had to apologize to their kitty profusely while stifling laughter.

@shake_1121 knows that feeling very well, having just experienced that sort of situation with their adorable munchkin cat, Shake.

Case in point: the two were playing with Shake's favorite plushie ball recently, and a communication era may have lessened Shake's favor for the ball. His confused reaction, particularly in slow motion, has 139,000 sympathetic cat lovers on Twitter in stitches.

"I'm sorry...Shake.....I'm sorry. After this I pet him for an hour and apologized with all my might."

The briefest slip of the hand (or perhaps Shake not being so quick with his paws) results in a comically stunned look of betrayal from Shake--who while fortunately unharmed, was no doubt surprised by his favorite toy becoming a source of frustration.

Many on Twitter expressed the dilemma of feeling bad for Shake, but wanting to watch the video over and over again--no doubt to see this moment once more.

Source: @shake_1121

By - grape Japan editorial staff.