Cat owners are used to having their kitties provide some amusing proof that felines are impressively athletic and even seemingly turn into liquid, but core strength isn't always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of their many abilities.

Japanese Twitter user @muchi21067312, who lives with their corgi Chii and kitty Totoro, may have to start thinking that way, however. They recently shared a video of the two having a playful fight, and was a little worried when they saw Totoro take a bump from the enthusiastic corgi.

Fortunately Totoro showed some surprising resilience!

"The core strength of my cat after getting bopped on the nose by my dog is nothing to sniff at."

It's less than a split second, but Totoro strikes an sudden tree-trunked stance, displaying some core strength, and of course, cat-like reflexes as he keeps himself from falling down and looking stylish to boot.

Totoro's quick reaction fascinated many on Twitter, but so did Chii's somewhat concerned expression, as the dog looks as if he wasn't quite so sure of his own strength!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.