For many in Japan, the process of studying and preparing oneself to pass the entrance exam of their desired university can be grueling. An especially tough and anxiety-inducing aspect of it can be the day you find out your results, which can sometimes be posted outside the university on a board.

Japanese university student Wasema probably knows that feeling very well. So much so that they made a fashionable keepsake of it.

Wasema took to Twitter to share that keepsake, a t-shirt with a traumatic message on it, saying "I'm wondering when I can wear this shirt to university." What's on the shirt has many sympathetic to Wasema's experiences as a student talking.


Printed on the shirt is a notice of failure to pass the entrance exam to Waseda University that Wasema received when applying. In the biggest lettering is the word "fugoukaku" (不合格), which translates to "failure to pass" or "rejection". Beneath that is the field of studies and department (social studies) that Wasema applied under.

The shirt quickly became a hot topic on Twitter, with many noting how funny and confusing it might be to walk around university with a notice of failure to pass as your t-shirt, but also the resolve it showed on the part of Wasema:

"They must have made the shirt with the motivation of 'I will definitely pass the exam next year!'"

"It's amazing just getting into Waseda University."

"I think wearing it would make you popular at the university!"

As it turns out, Wasema passed the exam a year after making the shirt and enrolled in Waseda University, meaning they'll have plenty of chances to turn a few heads on campus with their fashion sense.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.