For cat owners, the small moment of "not quite feeding time but almost" when a kitty is really hungry can be an adventure. Cats will employ many clever techniques to be rewarded with food just a little bit early, whether it be the cunning of adorable begging or the not so subtle knocking over of everything in sight.

For all their crafty ploys, however, manipulating time seems like too advanced a maneuver to expect from them. Until now!

Japanese Twitter user @MikasaLove611 noticed some advanced thinking by their cat, Mikasa, when she began to demand food just a bit before her scheduled daily meal time at 8:35.

Apparently Mikasa has been paying extra attention to the correlation between a clock in her house and when she's given food, as shown by this video that has fascinated many on Twitter:

"My cat realized the regulation that 'no matter how much I act up, if this clock doesn't strike 9 than I won't get food'. She then attempted the forbidden art of time travel that mankind has failed to achieve, and then scattered."

Mikasa seems to be trying to fast forward time as she paws at the clock, even looking like she's trying to advance the minute hand! Despite her best efforts, however, she only succeeds in knocking over the clock, perhaps a sign that time travel is a forbidden door for felines as well.

Mikasa's battle with time received many amused and impressed comments on Twitter:

"I love the way the clock falls at the end! I'm bursting at the seams."

"Cats can read time, can't they? My cat is just like that."

"I didn't know cats had a concept of time..."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.