Traveling with your dog is a special time.

It's satisfying to see your dog relaxing in a pet-friendly hotel or 旅館 ryokan (Japanese inn).

The owner of a black Shiba inu went to stay at a certain ryokan and was photographed spending some relaxing time together.

On Twitter, the scene was called "surreal" and it's not hard to see why:

Reproduced with permission from 暴君ぺこ Bōkun Peko (@kuroshibapeko).

"A dinosaur and a dog relaxing in a mysterious space at a ryokan."

Probably many people who saw this image thought to themselves:

"Wait a sec, the owner is a T-Rex?"

The owner of this black Shiba inu, Peko, posted this photo on their Twitter account at 暴君ぺこ Bōkun Peko [Peko the Tyrant] (@kuroshibapeko)

Peko is sitting quietly on his owner's knees, who is dressed in a T-Rex costume.

Many people were amused by the sight since they look rather out of place in the traditional Japanese inn.

The photo elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "It's a very surreal sight."
  • "Do dinosaurs pay the same rate as humans (in this inn)?"
  • "Peko looks so indifferent! lol"

Indeed, Peko seems quite unconcerned even though his owner is dressed as a dinosaur.

In fact, some of our readers may recall seeing her owner dressed as a T-rex when she took Peko to a dog run.

She had trained Peko in advance by wearing the costume at home so that he would recognize his owner inside.

Peko is probably used to the idea that his owner sometimes looks like a T-Rex.

Who knows, when Peko is sitting like this, maybe it feels even softer and comfier than when his owner is in human form!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.