As some grape Japan readers may recall, we recently considered what makes Japanese convenience store egg sandwiches so exceptional using the example of Family Mart's recently updated version.

We came to the conclusion that it's all about simple and high-quality ingredients, high-quality eggs, mayonnaise, and simple seasonings, done very well, and perfectly balanced, with the airy and lightly sweet shokupan milk bread also playing a supporting role.

However, there's one more aspect of a good sandwich we failed to mention, and that's the price-performance ratio.

I've tried quite a few egg sandwiches from different Japanese convenience store chains, and in my opinion, you can't beat 7-Eleven's egg roll sandwiches in this category. Not only is the quality of the egg salad filling the soft, lightly sweet roll delicious and satisfying but when you consider how much sandwich you get for only 140 JPY (around $1.10 USD at current rates), tax included, it delivers the most value for your yen of any egg salad sandwich I've tried!

7-Eleven Japan's たまごサラダ (egg salad) roll

In terms of appearance, this sandwich uses a coppe-pan style bread bun, which is the second-most common type of bread used in sandwiches. They look like hot dog buns but maybe a bit rounder and perhaps slightly shorter.

Photo by grape Japan

When you take it out of the plastic packaging and hold it in your hand, you'll notice it's no lightweight. Although the specific weight isn't indicated on the label, it's heavy enough to inspire confidence as to how well it will satisfy your appetite.

Photo by grape Japan

You can tell just by looking at it that the egg salad is smooth and creamy with a rich yellow color (no artificial colors) that tells you only good quality eggs have been used.

Photo by grape Japan

When you cut it in half, you'll see how much filling is inside and you'll also notice it has a good mix of chopped egg whites to egg yolk.

Photo by grape Japan


The egg salad filling is truly delicious. To begin with, the taste of egg yolks really comes across. The salad has a satisfying blend of creaminess and tanginess with just a hint of sweetness. I appreciated the fact that it's not too salty the way some egg salad sandwiches can be. Moreover, you can taste chopped egg whites blended in with the smooth egg yolk salad for a texture that maintains your interest.

The coppe pan bun is chewy and mildly sweet, not as soft and airy as shokupan but satisfying and filling.

One of these sandwiches can be a light meal or a satisfying snack if you have a big appetite.

If you want to use your money wisely when you're in Japan, look for them at 7-Eleven stores!

By - Ben K.