When traveling the Japanese countryside, it's hard for fans of beloved animation giant Studio Ghibli to not be struck by the charm and nostalgia of their favorite films when taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery.

Most of those similarities, as delightful as they are, are simply atmospheric. There is one particular place in Japan, however, will have you convinced that Totoro from the Hayao Miyazaki classic My Neighbor Totoro lives if you come across it!

Photographer Yamadayama (@Yam_kzt) recently highlighted the spot, which is located in the Kosugi area of the rural town of Sakegawa in Yamagata prefecture. There you'll find the Kosugi no Osugi (The Great Cedar of Kosugi), although it's affectionately referred to by both locals and travelers from afar as the Totoro Tree. And for good reason--just take a look!

Source: @Yam_kzt

"There was a forest where it looks like you can meet Totoro"

The adorable "double-eared" cedar has a striking resemblance to the lovable forest spirit Totoro, and combined with the surrounding lush scenery, it seems like he may actually live there as well! Many Studio Ghibli fans from around Japan travel to the area for photos (and perhaps a hope of being spirited away).

As you can see in the below time-lapse video, Studio Ghibli fan or not, the area is truly captivating!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.