It can always be a Herculean order for a parent to meet the expectations of their child's imagination, but Japanese mother of three and patissier mammy (@mammysuga) was ready when her young children asked her to make some sweets.

Not just any sweets, mind you. Mammy's children presented her with an idea for some Mother's Day-themed candy in the form of a very...creative doodle.

Source: @mammysuga

The instructions, in very easy to understand child-like chicken scratches, of course, tell mammy to whip up a batch of flower and bear candy. "Make a lot like this like a bouquet...carnations, flowers, and tulips" they instruct, and the kids made sure to include a bear wearing a sign that says "Mother's Day" (although they generously clarify it can be another type of animal and the words can be different.)

As a seasoned patissier, mammy was up to the task. Using her sweets making skills and talking things out with her kids, she turned their doodle designs into these lovely meringue bears and flowers that would look right at home in the display glass of any sweets store!

Source: @mammysuga

"I turned a design my child thought of and turned it into sweets. They're just too cute so I'd like everyone to take a look!"

Mammy says she discussed ideas with her children on how to put the adorable sweets together, and it looks like they had a pretty successful meeting! It's amazing to see how the simple doodles and sketches were fleshed out into professional-quality sweets. Many on Twitter were wowed by the transformation, and touched by the teamwork which obviously made for a very special--and delicious--Mother's Day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.