Cats grow, but their habits often stay the same.

Japanese Twitter user and cat owner @potechi_nikki definitely knows that to be true. While he usually charms his Twitter followers with adorable updates of his cat, Potechi, this time he's wowed thousands by showing the stunning growth of the happy-go-lucky feline.

A very attached cat, Potechi developed habit as a kitten of crawling up on his owner's shoulder like so:

Source: @potechi_nikki

But what has so many shocked online is photo @potechi_nikki shared in addition to it, showing that a year after that photo was taken, Potechi still very much likes to crawl up on his shoulder. However, in that year, quite a bit has changed about Potechi!

Source: @potechi_nikki

"Nobody expected him to be ten times bigger one year later."

Potechi has turned into a feline mammoth! The giant fluffy cat had quite the growth spurt in just one year, stunning many on Twitter who couldn't believe it was the same cat. The proof is in Potechi's habit of nestling up on his owner's shoulder, however, adorably ignorant of his current size.

Source: @potechi_nikki

You can watch more of Potechi (and the other cats he lives with) on their official YouTube channel as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.