While pets are usually loved by the whole family, sometimes an animal has an extra close relationship with a certain family member. These dynamic duos often have fun activities they like to do together, and other family members may just not ‘get it’.

One Japanese Twitter user gave a glimpse into the endearing, if not a bit eccentric, relationship that her dad has with their cat, Mei.

Her dad sent her these two funny photos, showing Mei with her body wrapped up in a plastic bag.

Source: @marco74444

While it may look like she’s being restricted, apparently Mei enjoys being wrapped up warm in something, and she’s totally calm and relaxed. Especially if you look at the side angle, she’s just chilling out, with a fetching blue spotted wrap. The dad must have been extra proud of his fashion stylings, since he proudly took and shared the pics.

The fact that these photos were taken on the OP’s dad’s old-fashioned cellphone rather than a smartphone with a good quality camera, just adds to the charm. We wonder what other kinds of hilarious antics Mei and the dad get up to while living together.

If you want to see more of Mei and OP’s other cats, check out her Twitter page which is full of cool cat photography.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.